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Chapter 3497: Formation Spirit Reappears

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With the arrival of a Celestial Path elite, no matter how supremely talented and comprehension ability one had, in front of this kind of elite, they could only bow their heads.

“Chen Fengyan doesn’t dare to appear on his own, yet allows a few juniors to act arrogantly and do as they please. How preposterous!” This Celestial Path elite sneered, and suddenly shouted loudly, “Chen Fengyan, do you dare to appear for a battle?”

His voice boomed out, reverberating throughout the entire Imperial Capital.

This was a blatant provocation, which meant that Fei Yongsi and the other forces had lost their patience, and were about to force him to abdicate.

At first, they had thought that they had the initiative, and were testing Chen Fengyan’s abilities by attacking Ling Han. Unexpectedly, there was no need for Chen Fengyan to show himself at all. Ling Han, Princess Bixiao and the Eldest Imperial Prince moved, one after another, and resolved this move.

Thus, Fei Yongsi could only use even stronger power.

This Celestial Path elite was called Ding Gang, and he had already lived for several hundred years. Over a hundred years ago, he had already crossed the Celestial Gate and formed the foundation of human Dao. However, with his talent, it was clearly impossible for him to form the foundation of Heavenly Dao.

He looked at Ling Han, Princess Bixiao and the Eldest Imperial Prince, his eyes filled with disdain. If there was a celestial and mortal realm, no matter how prodigious you were, you were no different from ants in his eyes.

However, this ant was truly captivating, causing him to feel an itch in his heart.

It could not be helped. In his several hundred years of life, he had been cultivating earnestly for the sake of survival, and what entertainment could there be in a prison? Occasionally, a few beauties would appear, and they would all be snatched away by stronger beings, so how could he have any share?

Now that he had entered into this colorful world, his suppressed desire was naturally restless. However, because he had previously been wary of Chen Fengyan, he could still bear with it. Now, however, it was clear that they were about to become hostile, so his desire naturally surged out.

He had his eye on this Demon Race princess, and planned to take her in as a “disciple”, so that she would serve him by his side during daytime, and at night, she would serve him on the bed.

“You’ve seen me, so why aren’t you kneeling?” Ding Gang humphed. An indescribable pressure instantly enveloped them, causing Ling Han and the others to pale.

This was the might of an elite of Celestial Path, so how could it be resisted by mere mortals?

The three of them felt as if they were bearing a tremendous pressure. All the bones in their bodies were cracking loudly, as if if if they did not kneel down soon, their bones would shatter.

They were all dissatisfied, and all of them gritted their teeth as they endured. “Those who disobey the Saintly Decree deserve to be executed!” Xiu, light flashed, turning into a human figure that shot out a punch at Ding Gang. “Haha, the Azure Dragon Formation Spirit, you’ve finally appeared!” Ding Gang sneered, waving his hands. Boom, the power of heaven and earth was guided by him, and as he shot out a strike, the whole Imperial Capital trembled.

This was an elite of the Celestial Path, and was not on the same level of being as mortals at all. He could break through the city with a single punch!

Everyone was trembling in fear. There was no need for them to face it directly. A sliver of pressure was enough to make them tremble in fear.

The shadowy figure approached. Peng! With a single punch, Ding Gang’s expression instantly changed drastically, revealing an expression of boundless terror. He wanted to withdraw himself and retreat, but how could he make it in time? With a single punch, his whole person exploded, turning into endless bits of light.

A mighty Celestial Path elite was actually killed with a single punch?


Everyone was stunned. Although they were all filled with confidence in Chen Fengyan, and thus were also filled with anticipation for the Azure Dragon Formation protecting the Imperial City, they had never imagined that the Formation Spirit would be able to crush Ding Gang with a single punch.

Hiss, were these really elites of Celestial Path? They were too weak, weren’t they?

Xiu, Fei Yongsi rushed out, his expression dark.

At first, he had wanted to use Ding Gang as a probe, but Chen Fengyan didn’t appear at all, and the Formation Spirit was enough to deal with Ding Gang.

Just one move.

He had no choice but to appear. If he still did not appear at this time to stabilize the morale of the army, then the alliance that he had painstakingly built would fall apart.

Moreover, if he didn’t make a move now, that would be equivalent to saying that he was afraid of Chen Fengyan.

Thus, no matter what, he had to step out.

“Fei Yongsi, the Holy Emperor is broad-minded and generous, giving you so many chances, yet you don’t know how to cherish it. Do you really think that the imperial might is so vast and mighty, allowing you to do as you like?” the Formation Spirit said coldly.

“His Majesty has an open mind that can accommodate the whole world, but has no tolerance for faults. There is definitely no one who would be allowed to provoke the imperial might of His Majesty.”

“I’ll grant you death!”

The formation spirit charged out and shot out a punch, bringing with it endless dominance, as if it had become the center of heaven and earth.

Peng, peng, peng! The Formation Spirit was domineering with every punch, blasting Fei Yongsi so hard that he could only retreat.


Seeing this scene, everyone was rendered speechless.

As it turned out… the Formation Spirit was actually as powerful as this.

Even the Formation Spirit was so powerful, then what about Chen Fengyan’s strength?

Fei Yongsi was internally shocked. He was involved directly in the battle, and was far more aware of the formation spirit’s strength than the others.

Only at this moment did he recall the “rumors” that he had heard before.

Chen Fengyan had long since killed a Celestial Path elite, and that Celestial Path elite had once said that Chen Fengyan should be a Core Formation Tier elite, or perhaps even stronger.

Of course, Fei Yongsi completely did not believe this kind of “rumor”.

Was this possible?

Now that the heaven and earth had just undergone a metamorphosis, and Celestial Path elites had just appeared, how could there possibly appear a Cauldron Forging Tier cultivator, or even a Core Formation Tier cultivator?

It must be that the people here had never seen elites before, and were spreading false rumors. This was too exaggerated.

He believed that Chen Fengyan’s natural talent in cultivation was very high, and it was very possible that he had already advanced into the Cauldron Forging Tier by now. However, he had long since reached the peak stage of Cauldron Forging Tier, so he was very confident.

Right until this moment, his heart was filled with great shock.

Just the battle prowess of the Formation Spirit was already superior to him, then just how powerful was Chen Fengyan himself?

No, he couldn’t wait for death here.

After Fei Yongsi parried a few rounds, he turned around and ran, not daring to continue the battle.

The formation spirit caught up and launched a series of attacks, completely suppressing Fei Yongsi.

Fei Yongsi roared loudly, and Celestial Path Tier-level battle prowess was completely unleashed. A three-eared cauldron appeared above his head, blasting towards Formation Spirit.

However, this kind of resistance was only a futile struggle.

The formation spirit was incredibly powerful. Its power originated from the Azure Dragon Formation, and it was endless. Thus, it continued to unleash powerful attacks without pause.

How could this kind of opponent be blocked?

Within a few minutes, Fei Yongsi was killed. A great elite of the Cauldron Forging Tier died just like that.

This scene was something that no one had expected. In everyone’s eyes, no matter what, it would have to be Chen Fengyan personally making a move to turn the tide. Who would have thought that a mere Formation Spirit would be able to deal with Fei Yongsi?

Just how high had their Holy Emperor, reached?

“Long live the Holy Emperor…!” Several elites of Celestial Path walked out and knelt down respectfully.

There was no longer any doubt in their minds. Chen Fengyan was at least at the level of Core Formation Tier, and he was definitely not someone that they could oppose.

Previously, it was indeed Chen Fengyan who was broad-minded and magnanimous, having the capacity to accommodate the whole world. Otherwise, where would they get the chance to prance around?

The formation spirit opened its mouth and said, “On the basis that you guys haven’t committed any great crime, we won’t deal with it for the moment. Ling Han, hear this bestowal of title!”

Yi, there was something that concerned him?

Ling Han walked out, and said, “I respectfully listen to Saintly Decree.”

“The Foreign Affairs Department is established from today onwards. The main mission is to communicate with the forces outside the Imperial Capital, and make them submit to our Empire,” the Formation Spirit said. “Ling Han is to become the Department Chief of the Foreign Affairs Department..”

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao - Chapter 3497: Formation Spirit Reappears Free Read Online (2024)
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