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Author Notes

I get more requests for my Devils on Horseback than any other snack time party food that I make; and mine, I'm sure, are just like everyone elses: dates stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon, baked til they are crispy as a critter. This is my variation on that classic bite. I use roasted Hatch Green Chiles ('round these parts, Hatch Chiles are gold) and cream cheese to accompany the bacon. The mild spiciness of the pepper is a lovely compliment to the saltiness of the bacon and the sweetness of the cheese (and the honey that I drizzle on towards the end). Cambozola (a German brie-style blue cheese) or any semi firm cheese that you like would be a lovely alternative, but I like to use cream cheese because it is a crowd pleaser. And just between you and me, I just watched a certain citrus-fruit sister eat twelve. And they came out of the oven four minutes ago. - Helenthenanny —Helenthenanny

Test Kitchen Notes

Helenthenanny knows how to pack a lot of flavors into a tiny movie snack. We love how the hatchbacks are indulgent yet not gratuitous: there's salty, smoky bacon, a hint of honey, jabs of heat from the chiles and peppercorns, and a blast of cream cheese that cools everything off. We do have one fix: the last step should say, "Chase with a good, cold beer!" - A&M —The Editors

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What You'll Need

  • 20 fresh Hatch green chile peppers, or New Mexico green chile peppers
  • 8 ouncescream cheese
  • 20 slices of thin, center cut bacon
  • 1 tablespoonhoney, or maybe more, its just for drizzling
  • black pepper
  1. Roast the Hatch peppers. To do this, put the peppers on a baking sheet and broil them until they are black on the outside, turning occasionally. Then, remove them from the oven, and put them in a ziploc bag so that they can steam for ten minutes. Then take out the peppers and rub them gently so that all the charred skin comes off of the peppers. This can be done ahead of time and they also freeze beautifully.
  2. Cut the peppers in half and cut the stem end off as well. Make one slit lengthwise through the pepper halves and open them up so that you can see inside. Remove some of the seeds and vein (leave in more if you like your devils spicier).
  3. Put about a teaspoon of cream cheese in the center of each pepper half, wrap the pepper around it so that it closes, then place on a parchment lined baking sheet. Do not worry if your tender peppers tear and you can see the cheese come through a bit, the bacon will help contain everything.
  4. Cut the twenty strips of bacon in half and wrap around each little devil and place back on the baking sheet. Be sure to place them seam side down so that the bacon doesn't curl and open up in the oven. Crack black pepper over the devils and put them in a 350° F oven for 45 minutes. Some of your cheese may ooze out of your devils, but not to worry, because they will still be delicious!
  5. After 45 minutes, drizzle a generous amount of honey over the devils and bake for 5 more minutes. Take them out of the oven and pop them into your mouth.


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60 Reviews

Sebastien September 9, 2013

I have done this before but used jalapenos instead. The easier and less labor intensive way to do this gut the peppers, fill with cream cheese, and freeze overnight. The next day wrap in bacon and throw them on the grill, really quick and delicious!

ihaventpoisonedyouyet August 13, 2013

Made about one hundred of these several years ago for my mother's 80th birthday party. I watched one man tell the caterer not to move while he downed them like sliders. Not familiar with hatch chiles so I used jalapeno. Also, did not use honey, but what's better than something savory. I'll try the new recipe. Sounds fabulous! Thanks!!

Roy C. July 27, 2019

That would be NEW Mexico.

Sabrina August 12, 2013

You can also use the partially cooked bacon and you won't get as much grease...I do that when I make bacon wrapped scallops & it works great. I just got 25# of hatch chilies from my co-op, so I will be a roasting fool and will be looking for some recipes to use them up...this looks like a good one to start with!

mymymier March 7, 2013

I use jalapenos. They were a hit!

butterchi February 25, 2013

I used jalapenos... fun and delicious!

VanillaBeanQueen August 19, 2011

I'm making these for a bbq. I already want to attack them but I've been told I can't. Really NOT fair considering how good they are smelling!! I took neufchatel, local honey and amish gorgonzola then wizzed them all in the food processor. The mix was worthy of spreading onto crackers! Now I do the 'hurry up and cook' dance as I await these gems to finish cooking!

Erinpk August 12, 2011

This recipe is one of my favorites!! I snazzed (although it's already pretty snazzy!) it up a bit by putting a prawn in the center with the cream cheese. What a hit!! Thank you for posting.

Also, for people that cannot find hatch peppers (me!), I used jalepenos but made sure all the seeds and veins (white string like stuff) were removed since that's where the peppers heat is stored. They were a great substitute!!

Hilarybee March 14, 2011

So, I nearly burnt down my kitchen whilst making the devils for the Beatles Bash.

The devils were saved and they were a huge success.
Here is a linky regarding the near destruction of my kitchen.

Helenthenanny July 26, 2011

i'm so sorry for the delay, i somehow missed this comment, but i am so happy you enjoyed my recipe! and also, i made the same mistake once (using a sideless baking sheet for the devils) and had a very similar grease experience!! yes, baking sheets with sides are best! you have a lovely blog, and thank you again!

Hilarybee November 18, 2011

I made them again last week for a party. Sided baking sheets this time!! They were better this time, knowing that my kitchen was safe and sound.

John R. February 25, 2011

Any ideas about a non-dairy cheese to substitute for the cream cheese? Would goat cheese be weird? (I just posted the same question on Foodpickle.)

Helenthenanny February 25, 2011

Goat cheese would be phenomenal! If it were me, I would add in a little honey to the goat cheese (in addition to the honey drizzle at the end). Daiya cheese is my favorite vegan cheese product. It's the best, but it's a great melting cheese, so I'd be prepared for some oozing. Sheeps milk cheese has the highest fat content and the least amount of lactose (compared to cow and goat) so if you can find a semi firm sheeps milk cheese, that might be nice too, if lactose is the trouble. I hope you like them, please let me know how it goes!

markmannephotos March 6, 2010

this was my first recipe from food52....although I could not get the right peppers I tried it anyway.....delicious. I hope I get better at them (and the right peppers) soon.
You can see a photo of my attempt at

kmpmilano March 5, 2010

Hey, just wanted you to know that someone in Italy wanted to make yr recipe, too! However, I didn't follow yr salient advice to try the peppers first and boy, oh boy, were those buggers HOT! They don't really delineate here in Italy (except pasta, of which there are about 10 million types) so I was only able to buy "pepperoni piccanti" (hot peppers). And they sure were! As you said, the heat overwhelmed the taste. Next time I'll try and find some milder peppers.

But yr recipe did encourage me to enlist in Food52 so I could make this comment!

nannydeb February 24, 2010

Congratulations on making it to a finalist. Your recipe is great!

Helenthenanny February 24, 2010

Whatever, I was robbed and I'm livid.

just kidding ; ) thank you so much!

Jaynerly February 24, 2010

Help! Really want to try this recipe but as far as I know there is no such thing as a hatch pepper in the UK! Will it work with an alternative?

pierino February 24, 2010

It's not my recipe but you ought to be able to find fresh peppers from Spain in UK. Or Israel. Perhaps, something along the lines of piquillo? The Hatch pepper from New Mexico has a long shape which makes it easy to fill with other ingredients.

Helenthenanny February 24, 2010

Oh hooray, what fun! This really made me giddy to find out that someone would make my food in the UK! Thank you! I don't think I agree with Pierino though, unless his suggestions mean easily obtainable ingredients for you. Don't go to too much trouble because this recipe will totally work with an alternative pepper! Please use any spicy pepper that y'all have over there (do you have jalapenos?) and can get easily! This recipe is no stickler for rules or pomposity, use what you like and don't worry about the size of the pepper, you can easily adjust this recipe to suit your needs : ) My only request is that you taste the pepper before you make these little devils; if you do have and decide to use jalapenos, or god help you habaneros, as they are MUCH spicier then the mild Hatch and the heat would overpower the deliciousness! Thanks again, and please let me know if and how it went! I'm curious as to what pepper you might use!

NakedBeet February 21, 2010

Will have to find some Anaheim peppers now-thanks for the tip. Two sisters and two excellent recipes. How the heck am I going to choose? Can't they just both go in??? ; )

Helenthenanny February 24, 2010

a belated but much appreciated thank you naked beet!!

NakedBeet February 21, 2010

Going to find the Anaheim peppers-thanks for the tip. So, two sister and two excellent recipes. How the heck am I going to choose? Can't they just both go in? ; )

kxr173 February 21, 2010

These are delicious! I made mine with pineapple cream cheese for added contrast to the heat of the peppers and salt/amoke of the bacon. Sooooooo good and they are the devil because you can eat way too many than you should in one sitting!

Helenthenanny February 21, 2010

Oh man. Genius. GENIUS!! That's such a good idea, it totally makes me want to throw on a Teriyaki glaze instead of the honey. I definitely will at the next luau : ) Thank you so much, I'm really glad that you made and liked them!

Brigette February 20, 2010

I had to vote for Devils on Hatchback because I find the smell of roasted (or grilled) chilies intoxicating, and I am a devout bacon lover. I cannot wait to try these nibbles! I'll have to turn the movie up really loud on account of the moaning I'll be doing. Fo sho.

Sonali A. February 18, 2010

I recently celebrated my anniversary at The Spotted Pig in NYC where we enjoyed one of their trademark dishes- devils on horseback. These look like a really great twist, I can't wait to try them!

Helenthenanny February 20, 2010

Thank you, and Happy Anniversary!

WuNotWoo February 18, 2010


Helenthenanny February 20, 2010

Thank you!!!

Kelsey B. February 18, 2010

These looks seriously amazing, now I have to go pepper shopping.

Helenthenanny February 20, 2010

Thanks : )

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