Screensavers for Windows in 4K or HD resolution - Instant Download (2024)

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Why Buy Windows Screensavers When You Can Find Free Ones Online?

The simple answer is that Uscenes screensavers (or “screen savers” as Microsoft spells them) are higher quality. Read on to find out more, or start browsing —> Windows aquarium screensavers or Windows nature screensavers.

Real Scenes Filmed in High Resolution 4K Ultra HD

Most of our screensavers were filmed in 4K UHD (over 100), and the rest in Full HD (60). This high resolution means that the footage looks great even on large high resolution monitors. It isn’t worth risking downloading free options as they could come with harmful software, you will probably be added to a spammy email marketing list and the footage itself is probably a low resolution loop just a couple of seconds long.

Uscenes has been filming and selling Windows screensavers since 2013 and we haven’t had a single security issue in all that time.

Download a 4K screensaver, Windows 10 compatible

Watch our most popular 4K aquarium screensaver download below. To get the best quality click on the settings icon and select 2160p 4K for the highest Ultra HD resolution. This is premium quality footage, with a soothing surround sound audio track made up of underwater sounds.

We created this aquarium and can reveal that it cost around $14,000 to build. Plus thousands more to maintain. The cost to you is just $5 for the Full HD version, or $7 to download the 4K UHD version.

4K is 4 times bigger than Full HD 1080p, which is 4 times bigger than Standard 720p HD. Free screensavers are tiny file sizes and low resolution. We compress our footage to be reasonable file sizes, whilst maintaining the quality needed for our higher resolution.

Our Windows screensavers are 3 minutes long and loop seamlessly. The camera stays still, so you barely notice when the screensaver repeats every few minutes. Free screensavers are typically just a few seconds long. 3 minutes is a good length to give you a varied experience, which is especially important for our aquarium screensavers.

Premium Surround Sound Windows Screensavers

Our 4K Windows screensavers include a bespoke surround sound audio track to make you feel relaxed. The aquariums have calming underwater sounds. The fireplaces have real recordings of actual fireplaces. The nature scenes have sounds such as gently flowing water, subtle birds in the distance and soft breezes in the trees.

Every video screensaver filmed in 4K resolution (100) has 5.1 surround sound. We created special audio tracks to make the screensavers immersive. The older Full HD screensavers (60) have sound from the scene itself. Don’t sleep on the older ones as we have some gems worth buying in 2023, such as the Living Coral Aquarium.

Advanced “Windows Screen Saver” Options

The most important setting is volume. You can mute the volume or adjust it independently to your PC’s main volume. If you use more than one monitor, you can choose which ones the video shows on. The video will not stretch across monitors, so you may just want to have it play on your biggest screen.

Uscenes screensavers couldn’t be easier to install. They download in a minute or two. Then you just click on the install file. This opens the “Windows Screen Saver” Options pop-up on your computer. You will see our screensavers in the list with the ones already on your PC. You can easily click on a different name and have as many as you like installed.

They are simple to use just like normal screensavers. We have over 150 screensavers for Windows 10. From stunning aquariums to calming scenery, there is something for everyone in our library of real, non animated screen saver videos.

Safe and Secure Downloads + Privacy Protected

In 9+ years of selling screensaver downloads, we have not had a single issue with security. All our screensavers are free from malware, viruses or anything else that could harm your PC or infringe on your privacy.

You are buying peace of mind – a simple screen saver file – nothing more. There is nothing extra like tracking, cookies, spyware.

We don’t do email marketing. The only time you will receive an email is when you make a purchase: you will be sent a confirmation email with the download link in. You will also be shown the download link as soon as you have paid. You can also login anytime to access your downloads.

Our files are stored with Amazon. We have been on Amazon Web Servers since 2013, without a since issue. We also use Amazon CloudFront which helps increase download speeds.

We use the top 2 most reputable and well known services for taking payments: PayPal and Stripe for cards. Uscenes doesn’t get your card details, it is handled by the payment processor for security. Again, we have never had a security issue in all our years trading. You can pay with peace of mind.

Best Screensavers for Windows 10 + 11

The best screensavers for Windows 10 are filmed in 4K Ultra HD resolution, with 5.1 surround sound audio. The camera stays still. The sounds are natural and adjustable. Our screensavers work on both Windows 10 and Windows 11.

This gives you a beautiful fish tank, fireplace, or window to nature scenes. They look great on big PC monitors. For smaller screens like on laptops, there are also versions in Full HD resolution. The best resolution screen saver videos can be seen by clicking here: 4K screensavers.

Windows 10 Screensaver Downloads

Your Windows screensaver download takes just a minute or two for most people. Each screen saver video is around 3 minutes long. They loop automatically for as long as you are away from your computer.

The file sizes vary. A rough idea is around 290 MB for the 4K Windows screensavers and 150 MB for the Full HD versions. Uscenes screensavers cost just $5 for Full HD resolution, or $7 for 4K resolution.

Aquarium Screensaver for Windows

Our best aquarium screensaver for Windows is Coral Garden. It is extremely popular as the aquarium was build inspired by the movie Finding Nemo. This means lots of colorful tropical fish and real living corals. It was filmed in 4K Ultra HD resolution. This is the most popular of all our Windows screensavers. It has many millions of views on YouTube. All our screensavers have been uploaded to YouTube, so you can see them fully before buying.

Marine Aquarium Screensaver Windows

Our most popular marine aquarium screensaver for Windows users that have small screens is Living Coral Aquarium. This was our most popular fish tank when we only filmed in 1080p Full HD resolution. The resolution is 4 times smaller than 4K, but it isn’t noticeable on low resolution screens and small screens, such as the standard laptop screen sizes. Click here if you want to try our sample clips to compare the 4K and HD resolutions.

Fireplace Screensaver for Windows

Our best fireplace screensaver is 4K Fireplace. One of our first filmed in 4K with 5.1 surround sounds of a crackling log fire. It is also available in Full HD. This crackling fire video is homely and fills your screen with flames. Very popular in winter months as it somehow makes rooms feel warmer.When we were only filming in Full HD, we had a recording of the same fireplace, which was then the most popular one too. It is called Brass Fireplace, but the Full HD version of 4K Fireplace may still be higher quality, as it is downscaled from 4K to Full HD resolution.

Windows Christmas Screensavers

Any of our fireplace videos are good for Xmas time. But we have one Christmas Fireplace screensaver with festive decorations, which you may prefer. This is a nice gas fireplace, but you may prefer one of our others if you want real burning wood logs.

Nature and Scenery Windows Screensaver Downloads

Our nature screensavers have been filmed all over the world. It is difficult to pick one as they are so varied. We have waterfalls, countryside, beaches, animals and the collection includes a popular night time cityscape screensaver, overlooking a marina with water reflections from the sky line.

Beach Screensavers for Windows

We have a few really stunning beaches. Our favorite is Tropical Vistawhich features a palm tree, white sand beach and a sandbank. We also love the sweeping white sand and tropical blue waters inIdyllic Beach.

About Uscenes

Uscenes has been filming relaxing scenes to use as TV and PC screensavers since 2013. In 2015 we upgraded from Full HD (FHD) resolution to 4K (UHD) resolution.

We are known for having the best screensavers for fish lovers, having visited many of the top aquariums in the world, and our most popular screensaver is a recording of one we built.

Also, we love to travel, which is why there is a wide range of nature scenes too- think of them as scenic windows to help you feel relaxed.

One half of the Uscenes team started a few years before 2013; as a fireplace screensaver service, so we naturally have a selection of fire screen savers, which are popular in winter and at Christmas.

Our Screensaver Apps

How to install our Windows screensavers? Just click on the download link after paying. Then click on the file once downloaded which may just take a minute or so. It will then run through the quick installation process.

You will be asked if you would like to set a high resolution screenshot as your Windows desktop wallpaper. Plus you can preview the screen saver. Then treat it like any other screensaver. You can choose how long to wait before the screen saver appears on your PC or laptop.

The Settings tab will allow you to adjust or mute the volume. If you have multiple monitors you can choose which ones show the video.

Screensavers for Windows in 4K or HD resolution - Instant Download (2024)


Where can I safely download screensavers? ›

There are several safe and reputable websites where you can find free screensavers for your laptop. Our top picks include Screensavers Planet, Pexels, WallpaperSafari, WallpaperStock, Desktop Nexus, and HD Wallpapers. Remember to always download screensavers from trustworthy sources to ensure the safety of your device.

Does Windows 10 have a built in screen saver? ›

(By default, Windows 10 offers only the following six screensavers – 3D Text, Blank, Bubbles, Mystify, Photos and Ribbons). Depending on the screen saver you choose, you can click the Settings button to customize different options.

Can you download screensavers for Windows? ›

Download the Screensaver

Decide which screensaver you want. Locate the “download” option on the website (It may also say “download screensaver”) and click it to start the download. You will then be prompted to choose either of these two download options: OPEN from the current location, or.

Why are screensavers no longer needed? ›

Computers actually use more power when running a screensaver in order to keep the screen on. Want to save power? Ditch screensavers completely. All modern operating systems have power-saving features that turn the screen off when inactive.

Why aren t screensavers used anymore? ›

CRT vs.

LCD monitors work differently than CRTs – there are no phosphors to burn in. An LCD monitor will never burn in in the same way as a CRT monitor. While many computers are still set to use an animated screensaver after the computer has been idle for a period of time, this isn't really necessary.

How do I activate my screensaver immediately? ›

Go into the preferences (accessible from the system tray icon), and choose the Auto SSaver On option. Now use WIN + L to lock your computer. The screensaver should show up instantly.

Do programs still run with screensaver? ›

1 Answer. Yes. The only caveat is that some screensavers consume enough CPU to slightly slow down a job/process using all CPU cores.

How do I force Windows screensaver? ›

How to Activate Screensaver on Windows 10?
  1. Press Windows key + I > Personalization > Lock Screen.
  2. Next, click the Screen Saver settings link.
  3. Under "Screen Saver," click on the drop-down menu and select the Screen saver you want to use.

Does Windows 11 still have screensavers? ›

Nevertheless, screensavers are still lovely decorations on your computer monitor when idle; that's why Windows 11 still has this feature, with five default options.

Why does my screensaver never come on Windows 10? ›

Go to Settings > Personalization. Click on Lock screen and click on Screen caver settings link. Select your preferred screensaver and Wait time. Check the box behind On resume, display logon screen.

Where do Windows 10 screensavers come from? ›

You can also use the File Explorer search functionality to find screensaver files quickly. Most of the third-party screensavers show up in the System32 folder. If you cannot find a third-party or OEM screensaver, search in the Program Files and Program Files (x86) folders by using the screensaver name as the keyword.

How do I install an aerial screensaver in Windows 10? ›

Installation on Windows 10
  1. Download the Aerial .zip release.
  2. Right-click and select "Extract All..." to unzip the downloaded file. ...
  3. You should be presented with a folder containing AerialScreenSaverV3. ...
  4. Type "screen saver" in the task bar search box. ...
  5. Select AerialScreenSaverV3 from the list of screen savers.

Is it safe to download free screensavers? ›

Screensavers are software programs that, in most cases, are freely downloadable from the internet. To install a screensaver, the file you download needs to be executed on your computer, which poses a security risk: if the publisher has bad intentions, your computer may be infected with a virus or slowed down by adware.

Is Screensaversplanet com a safe site? ›

A safe place to download screensavers: all files are free of advertising, malware and viruses, tested by experienced editors, and served from our own secure servers around the globe. Screensavers are offered with preview images, videos and installation instructions.

Is it safe to download wallpapers online? ›

Yes it is safe. But it has only problem that you need to turn on your PC to see screensaver on your pc. If you you can turn on your pc all the time then it is safe for you. And if you want 4k wallpapers for desktop and mobile you can download from

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